Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 3 - Episode 9

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How a Resurrection Really Feels
60 min


Brookes stolen tops from the shop where she worked land her, Haley and Peyton in jail. Nathan refuses to bail them out, but accepts to drive Chris to the man to whom he lost at poker the $2000 for Haleys studio recording; on the road he learns they must win it back playing poker. Lucas bails everyone out but Brooke. After seeing Karen's TV spot of him rouging up Nathan, Dan demands she bows out or he shows the public virtual proof who tried to burn him alive, but after a phone call she stays in the race. Brooke uses her talent with needle and tread to create a clothes-line for Internet-sale. The poker-game on a river-boat is a disaster as Chris stinks at it, and they are accused of cheating, so they must jump overboard with the money, but Chris who can't swim looses their winnings in the water; when he confesses the kiss at the ball and is a total ass Nathan punches him on the nose repeatedly, but he still gets the tape by selling his guitar and leaves town. The election is close but goes Dan's way; Lucas assures Deb he suspects but has no proof she was the arsonist; she stays away from his triumph.

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