Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 3 - Episode 8

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The Worst Day Since Yesterday
60 min


After Lucas surprised Chris with Brooke, even her self-confidence isn't enough to remain assured she hasn't really lost the possible love of her life. Chris informs Nathan whom he thought already knew and gets knocked for once more breaking up a relationship for someone he's not even truly in love with. Dan phones the radio station to point out on air his competitor Karen is unmarried and checks on Nathans condition for the new season, but gets the cold shoulder. Tim looks forward to the boys getting tattoos this year. Karen nor cake can cheer up Lucas, who doesn't even feel like basketball anymore; Nathans advice in the locker-room to concentrate on his playing and forgive Brooke for love's sake don't help either. Coach tells the team he'll retire after this season, and expects them, his best team ever, to prove so by results; Lucas stinks worst of all at the first game, which is an utter loss. Haley and Nathan are back on speaking terms. Mouth shows 'mayor' Karen his cell-phone recording of Dan roughing up Nathan and coach throwing him out after the match.

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