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Everyday Is a Sunday Evening
60 min


Damien West from Oak Lake, undefeated adversaries, challenges the Ravens and even his High Flyers-"mate" Nathan for Haley; Lucas is still too sick to perform, but Nathan singlehandedly holds the fort even though his entire body aches, while Haley still enforces their prenuptial sex-moratorium. Jake tells Peyton he had to make up with Nikki, who has Jenny most of the time but actually shows some maternal talent; he became a great singer, but shies away from intimacy with Peyton- well, not for too long, and that's enough to make her decide she's ready to leave Tree Hill to be with him. Dan barges in at the family home, bitching at Deb and especially her visiting brother Coop(er) Lee, only Nathan's ballgame gets credit in his eyes. When Mouth tells Brooke Coop is with Rachel, she realizes he can't know she's just an under-age schoolgirl, and most eager for him to find out. At the game which decides if the Ravens reach the play-offs, Nathan's wound opens up, but he convinces coach to let him play on with fresh stitches, wearing Lucas's jersey as his is blood-stained; making the last minute decisive point without even watching the ring is a priceless triumph. When Coop sees Rachel acting as cheerleader, Mouth consoles her; Coop tells her she's too young, even if not under North Carolina law, but ultimately can't resist her. Because of a restraining order Deb got, Dan was unable to watch but waits for him, finally sincerely proud.

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