Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 3 - Episode 1

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Like You Like an Arsonist
60 min


Haley turned up at Nathans door, asking to be together again, but he is urgently called away to the fire in Dan's office- Deb asks her along. Peyton tells Lucas about Elisabeth who claims to be her -dead- mother but knows things; her dad now says her beloved ma was not her biological mother- she turns away from both. Three months later Brooke returns walking straight up to Lucas, who was however just waiting for Karen. Nathan finally can go to High Flyers, and Haley's declaration of 'never ceased' love doesn't get to him; but there he remains torn between his love for her and the shattered trust. Dan says in confession he will remember who drugged him and let him to die in his burning car dealership, and then...

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