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The Wind That Blew My Heart Away
60 min


During a bad storm, Lucas spends the night with Brooke, who bitches because the last line of his letter is identical to one he once wrote to Peyton about love forever; he must chase her in the pouring rain, suggesting she just wants an excuse to break up; they make up in bed. Now Haley's record is finished after three weeks, Ellie plans to leave Peyton again but stays during the storm, reminiscing. Mouth visits Rachel to watch a movie in her bedroom, she tries to build up his confidence and coach him in womanizing, he wants to remain his honest self, turns down kissing unless it's for real and walks out. Keith helps Karen now the roof leaks; they kiss and make love. Haley suggests she and Nathan could go to Duke University, he retorts he is going to Stanford, her first choice; he proves how much he kept loving her all the time by showing newspaper cuttings about her tour. Mayor Dan hears the power break will last all night and decides to break in at Keiths; an old photo brings back fraternal childhood memories, his computer holds fascinating data; next stop the bank with a key he 'found'- bingo, his own parallel car dealership ledger.

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