Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 3 - Episode 6

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Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades
60 min


After the abysmal fight-performance at the Ravens' opening games, Whitey condemns the boys team to 'gym suicide'; Lucas's failure to tell about his heart condition makes coach go even harder on the others, yet he implores Haley not to spill the beans on his poor health. The cheerleaders are threatened with abolition, so Brooke decides to divert her girls from fighting by a variation on Lucas's baseball dream-team: the girls individually draft exclusive dream boys. While spouses-to-be-separated Dan and Deb continue to make each-others life misery, Karen and Deb try to counter Dan's mayoral Barnum campaign, which gets him a huge lead in the polls, then that fight turns dirty too. Latecomer Rachel tries hard to make friends with the 'old" girls- Peyton refuses, Brooke remains her sworn enemy but is outsmarted at every turn. Chris pushes Haley to dump her cheesy 'crap' songs to write from the heart, about real emotions, and tells his secret patron Nathan that her music and love are inseparable.

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