Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 3 - Episode 5

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A Multitude of Casualties


Dan presents the Ravens opening show for the new basketball season, but after the choreographed cheerleaders the boys come rolling in with a public fight between Lucas and Nathan over Haley; then a major flashback... Brooke and Peyton audition would be-cheerleaders; the obvious winner is arrogant, slutty Rachel, who Brooke accidentally indicates when telling Lucas to date another girl. While Dans team plans his mayoral election campaign, Deb deliberately walks in dressed sluttier then a drunk whore. Captain Nathan puts Lucas on the bench for back-talk. Brooke wants to field Haley instead of Rachel. Coach grudgingly introduces Dan and smiling, to everyone's surprise, his late-hour mayoral opponent: Karen Roe! When Dan announces the team, Lucas calling Nathan 'just like' his dad starts their fight, and Brooke attacks Rachel. Coach is livid at the brothers- and makes Lucas co-captain. Rachel sits naked in Lucas's car, and Brooke chews both of them, to his surprise admitting she only wanted to be desired exclusively by proclaiming non-exclusiveness.

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