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I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me
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At his first game after Keith's funeral, Lucas feels unable to play, so Nathan decides the Ravens forfeit, but insists to Lucas that should be a one-off, especially in coach's last season. Nathan and Haley are too cozy in bed, contemplating a second wedding, to unpack. At 1 AM his Uncle Cooper 'Coop' Lee turns up, telling he has a new girl-friend in One Tree Hill. Peyton is delighted when Pete from Fall Out Boy turns up in a stretched limo, but daddy Larry forbids all nightly visits. Deb is back and offers Karen all possible help, but is told off as a failed murderer. Mouth sides with Rachel who's furious Brooke posted posters of her when she was still fat and ugly, before she had plastic surgery. Coop explains to Lucas his racing career is over since Nathan's crash, but he also is living proof there is life and happiness after sports: what counts is what you are, regardless what you do. Karen lashes out at coach, who reminds her that Lucas is her priority, as Keith always wanted. In order to renew their marriage vows, Nathan and Haley must take the church's compatibility test, and get a failing score, but Nathan's reaction is decisive; Haley proposes not to have sex till the ceremony. When Lucas tells coach he may never be ready to play again, the story of his own team, the first-ever mixing with the Monarchs, an all-back class team, while explaining his nickname Whitey, is to tell him playing matters for real life too. After Deb insists how important a child's safety is for a mother, Lucas tells coach he still can't play because the lack of HCM pills has worsened his condition now Dan no longer pays for them. Mouth gets Brooke's assurance she won't push Rachel's unaesthetic past any further; when he visits her, Coop is there, apparently her lover. After a talk with her dad about waiting for true love, Peyton greets Jake and Jenny at the airport.

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One Tree Hill - 3x19 - I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Writt