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Over the Hills and Far Away
60 min


Brooke enjoys hearing how Nathan proposed again to Haley and makes her a grand wedding dress- Haley wanted something simple and elegant, but Nate suggests not to offend the generous maid of honor- she ignores his good advice, Brooke slams the door behind herself, but they make up just in time. Peyton has proposed to Jake in Savannah but he sends her away after hearing her say in her sleep 'I love you Lucas' and suggests she really just wants another family after her other mother Ellie died and Jennie called her mother. On the way back, Peyton gets car trouble and she calls Nathan, while Marcus, one of the other student hostages, turns up as a drop-out, now driving a tow-truck full time; Nathan invites him, but neither he nor Haley dare believe Dan's apparent turnaround, so he's not welcome and says he can understand even that. Karen asks Lucas for his next dream, which is studying literature at NCU if they could afford it, and is told Keith actually left a trust fund for him which makes that possible. Rachel is furious after Coop and Deb both told her off, yet he was physical again, but understands after a talk which brings her closer to Brooke. At Trick, some of their friends perform a fairy tale parody on Nathan&Haley, with various last minute cast replacements because of a flu-meaning the finale stars a mortally embarrassed Peyton and Lucas in bed as them, afterward she confesses to Brooke she can't stop loving Lucas. After Haleys offers to tutor him, Marcus considers coming back to school. At the last minute Haley invites Dan to the marriage vows renewal.

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