Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 4 - Episode 15

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Prom Night at Hater High
60 min


Two years ago, when Peyton dumped her still wild, philandering boyfriend Nathan the n-th time for being an inconsiderate bastard, he wasted no time to jump in bed with drunk Brooke and taped the scene himself. Now Peyton sees that at the pre-prom party, and knocks her 'rival' a black eye, just as publicly. Nathan assures Haley it was before he even met her and utterly meaningless. Deb arrives then, thinks she left the party mess and is told just to clean it up. Nathan tries to explain and apologize to everyone who was at the party. Peyton is at least as angry at Brooke as Haley, who ruins all Nathan's tapes plus the camera and demands a list of all the girls he ever slept with. Lucas tries to calm Peyton down after she stole Brooke's dress but their row keeps escalating, and is startled his ma goes to the prom with Dan, whose infidelity-expert advice to Nathan not to make the list is ignored- so Haley tells her poor husband she only wanted him to be unable to, but now insists anyhow, even after he offered an alternative list of all the girls he loved: just her. Chase tells Brooke, who had promised their were no more nasty surprises, they are trough after the Prom. Rachel tells Mouth, who just got dumped by Shelley, the principal didn't respond to her flirting, so she's expelled -again- and will fly to her parents on holiday, even before the Prom. On the very day, Peyton tells Lucas she wants to skip the Prom entirely, but he won't take no for an answer. When apologizing Nathan reaches Peyton, she mumbles to be like him two years ago, but he assures her on the contrary she's very caring and loyal, so she should still go with Lucas. Mouth happily accepts to take Brooke. Deb thanks Haley for moving in with Nathan and assures her his mistakes are to blame on both parental bad role-models, and implores her to gracefully forgive him- she comes to her senses just in time. When Brooke finds Peyton wrote the fluorescent word "whore" on her prom dress, she's relieved 'at least she still cares'; Peyton is ready to go with Lucas, but ...

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