Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 4 - Episode 8

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Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye
60 min


Instead of wiping Nathan's debt as agreed, Daunte now uses the deliberate lousy last game to blackmail him into losing the state championship, or he'll tell Duke about the cheating. Just now coach tells Nathan they'll both get a public award at the Ravens' annual sports banquet, and Whitey really wants this very last title of his career. When Nathan bravely tells Daunte he won't bend, the next clear threat is to bust his leg permanently. The fake Derek is finally arrested. Rachel asks Haley for tutoring as she's about to fail calculus and thus miss out on normal graduation, but is told she's too unlikeable; however Lucas, Karen and Nathan convince Haley to give Rachel a last chance. When Karen hears Lucas is going to the banquet with Brooke, she accepts Dan's invitation to go together; Mouth is with Gigi despite Rachel's maneuvers, Peyton brings Derek in uniform. After the acceptance speeches, tearful for coach, Nathan finally confides his desperate situation to Dan, who waves his checkbook- in vain...

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One Tree Hill S04E08 dvdrip gotv