Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 4 - Episode 13

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Pictures of You
60 min


As class assignment for a teacher who explains they now are what their classmates think, in stereotypical terms, but that will change in the real world after graduation, the kids must draw a name to spend the rest of the class with, and return each with a picture representative of that partner for use in the yearbook, after some tasks to get to know each-other better, such as telling something personal and a secret or doing an impression. Lucas tells loner Glenda Farrell his new dream, now basketball is over, is to become a novel author; she confides her terrible relation with her mother. Brooke tells Chase Adams the truth about her calculus, and is forgiven. Skills tells Haley he's desperate not to end up in the factory like his father, she retorts motherhood is great but she still wants to make her mark, at least as a teacher. Shelley confides she only started Clean Teens after being dumped hard to Mouth, who is tired of being the 'good kid' and starts kissing. Peyton warns Nathan even a perfect father must think of himself too, he admits for a second he felt loosing his ma Deb by her suicide might be for the best.

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One Tree Hill S04E13 dvdrip gotv