Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 4 - Episode 9

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Some You Give Away
60 min


Nathan is even more miserable after having to admit to Lucas, who, like Coach Whitey, expects it to be his last game, that he sees no alternative but lose the state championship everyone in One Tree Hill has been hoping for. Lucas confides in Skills, and they resolve to freeze Nathan and win despite him. Karen drags Deb along. The cheerleaders complain mutually, until pregnant Haley needs to be brought to hospital. Without superstar Nathan the Ravens lose the first half badly against Pontiac. After hearing Haley is okay and that it's a boy, Nathan plays to win again, so the Ravens win it in the very last second. While the others celebrate, Dan offers to buy off Daunte's fury but hears the criminal's objective was revenge on him rather than money...

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One Tree Hill S04E09 dvdrip gotv