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The Same Deep Water as You
60 min


After Rachel told Cooper she's pregnant and caused the wedding limousine she kidnapped to drive off the bridge, Nathan dived after them. Lucas arrives, Cooper is saved from the flooded wreck, hero Nathan is already out and wakes up alright in hospital. Dan's guilty mind still sees Keith's juvenile appearance as well as the red 'murderer' painting he fails to wash from his wall, a terrifying combination when police arrives- only to report Nathan is in hospital. Lucas worries about Brooke knowing he kissed Peyton, twice, and which teenage girl kit-tested positive like his ma. Rachel tells Brooke she only pretended to be pregnant. Dan promises Deb, who confessed she attempted to burn him alive, a fearful payback. The police already suspects former race-pilot Cooper didn't just loose control of the wheel, Haley scolds culprit Rachel as an incorrigible lives-wrecker which should never again cross the path of Nathan, who sadly senses more harm: Cooper has a major cardiac arrest. Peyton tells Lucas her biological father has a son, Derek. Brooke makes up with Rachel, accepts to move in with her, but tells Lucas she can no longer continue 'us' for him, not herself.

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