Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 5 - Episode 6

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Don't Dream It's Over
60 min


Nurse Carrie isn't just an ideal playmate for Jamie, who has nightmares since Skillz told him too much about Dan. Her charms should make Haley jealous, but she doesn't realize yet that Carrie really lusts for the hunky husband. Mouth is deputized by the night-shift to ask for better working conditions from their boss Alice; he actually may earn a TV reporter spot as her "play thing". Peyton clashes instantly with Brooke's bossy mother, Victoria, who scares her new label's only star, Mia, and calls Brooke too dumb to run the fashion business herself. Lucas considers proposing to Lindsay and won't accept Peyton's claim that he 'gave up on their true love' during or after his 'ambush proposal'.

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