Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 6 - Episode 7

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Messin' with the Kid
60 min


Nathan is happy again now that he's playing and actually staring in Smashball. So he reminds Haley that she's also supposed to have another go at her dream career - music. Jamie is bullied because of his 'childish' cape by Chuck Scolnik, the biggest kid in his playground. Haley's attempt to reason with his mother only leads to a cat-fight. Superdad finds a way to convince the whole class capes are almost as super-cool as he. Peyton's moving into Lucas' parental home starts confrontations when accused of taking over his space, leading to a weird divided house war. Mouth is welcomed back with his old promotion offer, plus an extra: intern - his ex Gigi, who now finds him sexually irresistible.

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