Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 6 - Episode 8

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Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe
60 min


Nathan's back is well enough to shoot hoops on the slamball trampoline, but during matches bruises pile up more spectacularly than Haley can bear to watch. Luckily mountain-size Owen obliges Brooke's 'order' to act as a human shield. Nathan gratefully smooths over his relationship with the fiery ex. They're just in time to help pick up the pieces -little more is left- after Sam, who joined the club of volunteer babysitters for irresistible Jamie, sneaks out with the angelic rascal to a wild party. Lucas is surprised his first book is considered for a movie, and signs the rights to charming Julian Baker. He knows nothing about the Hollywood exec's LA past with Peyton.

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