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The Last Day of Our Acquaintance
48 min


In getting back at Julian for sleeping with Alex, Brooke messes with the costumes for the shoot and generally does her best to wound Julian but it takes comments from Alex to get her thrown off the set after she punches Alex in the face. Only later does she discover that it was Alexander that Alex slept with as she switched rooms with Julian. She tells Victoria who is furious and it later transpires that her mystery lover is Alexander. Meanwhile, Lydia takes ill from her cancer and is hospitalized and reaches out to the daughter Taylor but it is Quinn who manages to get her to come before she dies. Elsewhere, Clay tells Katie he won't be representing her but it doesn't put off Katie and she finds out that he was married to Sara so she transforms herself to look like her. Lauren and Mouth nearly get it together only for Skills to come back to Tree Hill.

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One Tree Hill - 7x18 - The Last Day of Our Acquaintance.HDTV.FQM.fr.srt