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Learning to Fall
60 min


Haley continues to struggle with the aftermath of her beloved mother's death and her erratic behaviour causes alert with Nathan. Alex discovers that Josh is bisexual and tells Julian who confronts him about the blackmail. Alex tells Paul to release the tape and not to give in to the blackmail. Grubbs wears Miranda down in his pursuit to keep her from being deported. Mouth tells Lauren that they cannot continue their relationship as his friendship with Skills is more important. Elsewhere, Brooke is mistaken for her mother when it is published that she is having an affair with Alexander. Meanwhile, Katie's unhinged behaviour becomes apparent to Quinn when she destroys Clay's portrait in the gallery and threatens her that she will have Clay. Clay speaks to her friend who tells him that Katie is very dangerous when she goes off her lithium. Clay warns Quinn to stay away from her unaware that Katie watches Sara and Clay's wedding ceremony at Clay's home.

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One Tree Hill - 7x20 - Learning To Fall.HDTV.FQM.fr.srt