Sous-titres Les frères scott, Saison 8 - Episode 14

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Holding Out for a Hero
60 min


After standing up for a fellow student ridiculed by bully business professor Kellerman, Nathan joins a study group of guys hating him and fields his secret weapon, real executive Clay. Chase feels his barman lack social relevance and volunteers nobly for the big brother program. Alas he draws Jamie's terror mate Chuck, who haughtily belittles every cool activity, even flying, and abuses Chase as punching ball, until big bro deciphers his charge's frustration. Julian is directing a local TV commercial, where the 'star' gives notice, but thus finds an opportunity for Mouth. Haley is almost as bored in the crisis center as Brroke and Quinn at home, so they try to 'rescue' a bullying victim as costumed 'superheroes'.

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