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Know This, We've Noticed
French, English
42 min


Before tired Nathan can finally rejoin his longing family, Dan has turned up and secured himself a temporary stay on account of his burnt-down restaurant, where he lived, but may have torched it. Chase is happy but exhausted on account of running the bar and an intense sex life with Alex. As if nocturnal baby care exhaustion wasn't bad enough for Julian and Brooke, his studio project only seems to bring debt and her boys fashion label fails to get financed, but her father Ted Davis actually turns up for the twins' christening. Clay's exhaustion is diagnosed medically serious. Chris Keller got engaged by Haley's music label under an alias, immediately antagonizes Alex but proves himself an genius producer.

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One Tree Hill - 9x01 - Season 9 Episode 1.HDTV.2HD.fr.srt