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Catastrophe and the Cure
60 min


Chase doesn't punish Keller for letting Chuck down, yet when Tara's infidelity gets out allows Chris to exact a high, tasteless price from basically innocent Chase. Nathan is kidnapped by East European thugs who have a contract to kill him for (legally) signing up a a player from a crime lord's team. Nathan offers to pay ransom instead, but that only inspires the chief thug to eliminate his client's watchdog and offer Nathan's head to the highest bidder. When Dan rents some studio facilities, Julian quickly realizes it's to search for Nathan among his many enemies and offers to help. Although they don't get anywhere, it's just what Julian needs to restore his self-respect. Another amnesic episode and bonding with Logan over superhero comics bring Clay to commit to Dr. Alvarez's therapy. Keller plays in Karen's as revenge on unfaithful Tara. Missing super-dad, Jamie lashes out at Dan.

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