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Chick Flick
42 min


When the Demon of Illusion threatens Prue and Phoebe at their home, the sisters chase him and he hides in a movie theater. Phoebe casts a spell to vanquish the demon, but he actually is transported to the screen of Phoebe's favorite movie "Kill It Before It Dies". The lead character Billy, with whom Phoebe has a great and old crush, is brought to the real world, together with the invincible killers The Slasher and Bloody Mary, who were assigned by the Demon of Illusion to kill the Halliwell sisters. Meanwhile, Prue is assigned by Gil Corso to photograph her idol, the famous photographer Finley Beck. However, her illusion is destroyed when she realizes how arrogant and stupid the guy is. Phoebe recalls how The Slasher and Bloody Mary are destroyed in the movies, and the sisters successfully kill them.

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