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All Hell Breaks Loose
42 min


Prue and Piper bring Dr. Griffiths to their home to save him from the Source's assassin Shax. While Phoebe looks in the Book of Shadows how to vanquish the demon, Prue and Piper fight and chase Shax on the streets to destroy him. However, they are filmed and exposed live in on television news as witches. They become a national sensation with a crowd in front of their house. Phoebe trusts Cole and goes to the underworld with Leo to ask him to summon Tempus and revert time while a fanatic woman shoots Piper, who dies. The source proposes Phoebe to stay with him and in return he would save her sister. Phoebe accepts the deal, and the time is reverted to the moment Shax is attacking Prue, Piper and Dr. Griffits. Only to loose Pru.

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