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Oh My Goddess!: Part 1
42 min


Demetrius and Meta, two Titans, are freed from an arctic permafrost cave by someone whose payment is- vanquishing. Demetrius decides to free their leader, Cronus, who goes for the ultimate revenge. The sisters and most of the world already felt rising heat, then Paige takes Phoebe to the Titan warming spot, and Leo consults the Elders about the ominous situation when earthquakes kick in. Then Paige is frozen by Meta, but the other sisters saved by a white lighter from the future, youngster Chris, who came to revert a disastrous future after a total Titan take-over, and his scenario is as shocking for Leo as the Titans' spectacular move against good...

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Charmed - 5x22-23 - Oh My Goddess - DVDRip-fre.srt