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A Witch in Time
42 min


Pregnant Piper is irritated by everything, especially her sisters having 'unsuitable' hot lovers, in Paige's case Max. Alas Phoebe gets a premonition that her Miles, a divorced computer programmer, will be shot in the chest in a police shootout. After the sisters save Miles, Phoebe immediately gets a vision of him getting stabbed. Meanwhile warlock Bacarra passes a time-portal and proves to Cole to be a messenger from and councilor at the throne of the future Cole, then the greatest Source ever, sent to prevent Phoebe getting killed after continuing for six months to save Miles, who is inevitably destined for the Angel of Death. When Cole refuses to kill Miles and thus incur Phoebe's hatred, Bacarra says he'll do it himself, but has his own evil agenda: he teams up with his own present, still measly persona, making their own bid for power at the Sisters' expense...

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