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Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun
42 min


Jason offers columnist of the year Phoebe a luxury suite for the night; they kiss. The demon brothers Tull and Xavier try to force the wood nymphs to show them the Eternal Spring of new life -drinking of it renders immortal- by killing their protecting satyrs, so they flee to a Frisco city fountain, where they become a TV subject. The Charmed sisters take the two who escaped the first demon attack -wounding one demon- there in for protection, but nymphs need to mix with nature or both will wilt. Paige was taking the lead already, to Piper's initial dismay, then a kiss makes her turn into a nymph, suppressing her witch-nature. The nympho trio rushes off, looking for satyrs, so the demon's can lure them by playing the satyr's pan-flute. Phoebe and Piper come to the rescue ...

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