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Vaya Con Leos
42 min


Piper is visited by the Angel of Death who warns her to prepare for the upcoming death of Leo. Piper who refuses to give him up, casts a spell that turns all males of San Francisco look exactly like Leo to confuse the Angel. He is still able to find Leo, however, when Leo makes a mistake by letting him know that he can see him. Leo gets run over by a car. Piper summons an Elder and Avatar for answers since "everything happens for a reason" and is led to an Angel of Destiny. She claims that Leo's death was a cause for their motivation to prevail in a future battle. Elsewhere, Billie contacts a demon who freezes people in the underworld. Piper realizes if she could preserve Leo through this method then she can have him back when that battle is over. But the catch is if they don't win, then she can never have him back.

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Charmed - 8x10 - Vaya Con Leos - DVDrip - iKA - Francais.srt