Sous-titres Urgences, Saison 1 - Episode 17

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The Birthday Party
English, Russian
44 min


It's a day of birthdays. Peter Benton's mother is celebrating a birthday and he tries desperately to find someone to cover his shift. He makes a choice however when Dr. Hicks suggests that he's been absent too often and may wish to consider a leave of absence until his mother's situation is resolved. Carter thinks it's Benton birthday and has a surprise for him. Mark Greene's daughter is also having a birthday but he misses that due to an emergency at the hospital. An elderly, solitary man in the final stages of cancer arrives in the ER on his birthday. Carol Hathaway suggests to her fiancé that they adopt little Tatiana, the AIDS patient abandoned in the ER. Ross has to deal with a young child who was kicked out of a window.

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