Sous-titres Urgences, Saison 3 - Episode 14

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Whose Appy Now?
44 min


Mark Greene has gone on a dating binge and he finds himself juggling three women. Things get sticky when it turns out two of them know one another and all three meet in the ER. Dr. Benton is in a funk and John Carter tells him he is joining Dr. Hicks' surgical team. Carter reacts with glee when Benton has to have his appendix removed and Hicks lets him perform the operation. With Carol Hathaway still under suspension, the ER isn't functioning quite as smoothly as it normally does. Jeanie Boulet and Dr. Greg Fischer treat a young man with syphilis and argue over whether they should tell his wife. Jeanie finally gives in to Greg's repeated requests and agrees to go out on a date.

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