Sous-titres Urgences, Saison 3 - Episode 10

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Homeless for the Holidays
English, Spanish
60 min


It's not a happy Christmas for Dennis Gant. His girlfriend calls to tell him she wont be joining him for the holidays and then John Carter cancels his invitation to spend Christmas with the Carters when he gets the chance to spend time with Dr. Keaton. Drs. Greene and Weaver are ordered by Anspaugh to develop a policy on HIV-positive employees. Dr. Maggie Doyle treats a battered woman with a fractured cheekbone and helps her get into a shelter. Mark Greene's idea for a Christmas gift for his daughter doesn't quite work out as planned. Benton wants to do another rotation in pediatric surgery but Dr. Keaton won't give him a recommendation.

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E.R. - 3x10