Sous-titres Urgences, Saison 3 - Episode 7

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No Brain, No Gain
60 min


Mark Greene finally works up the courage to ask Susan Lewis out on a date. She turns him down and he soon comes to the conclusion that she is seeing Dr. Morgenstern. The truth however is even more shocking. With little Megan still in intensive care, Dr. Benton fears making other errors so he goes to extraordinary lengths to save a young man who is very likely brain dead. Nurse Rhonda Sterling is again rotated to the ER and reveals to a skeptical Nurse Hathaway just why hospital administration is assigning her to jobs for which she is not qualified. Dr. Carter doesn't believe that a patient awaiting surgery, Mr. Percy, is mentally competent but he doesn't have the gumption to tell Dr. Anspaugh. Drs. Carter and Keaton take an interest in one another.

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