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Last Call
60 min


Nurse Hathaway is wondering if she made the right career choice. The interns seem to be getting younger and in some areas she is already far more knowledgeable that they are. She is now considering taking pre-med courses at a local college. Dennis Gant is feeling the pressure to perform better. Dr. Carter forgets that Dr. Benton is to make a slide presentation on a surgical technique - and he hasn't yet told him that all of the materials were lost in the apartment fire. Doug Ross hits rock bottom when a woman he picks up in a bar has to be rushed to the ER. Doug knows nothing about her however. Jeanie Boulet is having difficulty adjusting to her medication. Abby Keaton tells Benton that he needs to take a greater interest in the patient if he's to succeed in pediatric surgery. Benton finally visits Carla Reece's restaurant.

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