Sous-titres Urgences, Saison 3 - Episode 18

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You Bet Your Life
44 min


Mark Greene's daughter is still staying with him and he's finding it a challenge to balance the demands of his work and home life. Dr. Carter commits a major error in judgment after Dr. Anspaugh refuses to operate on a patient. Carter then convinces Dr. Hicks to undertake the procedure without mentioning his previous approach to Anspaugh. Called on the carpet, he's told that he may lose his residency. Dr. Benton surreptitiously obtains a copy of Carla Reece's medical reports in his attempts to learn more about her pregnancy. Carol Hathaway is fed up taking orders from doctors that are younger and less experienced than her and has a run-in with Maggie Doyle as a result.

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E.R. - 3x18