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A Saint in the City
44 min


Carter and Abby squabble when they attend a posh fund raiser where the Carter family foundation makes a large donation. She feels he should be more supportive of his grandmother and her request that John take a greater interest in the family's activities. He's happy working as a doctor and is convinced he can't do both. A well-known alderman comes into the ER with a knee injury but when he is diagnosed with syphilis, he asks Dr. Weaver to ensure nothing appears on his medical record. Pratt and Lewis disagree on how best to deal with two young children when their mother is brought into the ER with severe pneumonia. Kovac has to convince a man to undergo an operation but refuses to leave his dying wife's bedside. Pratt's friend Leon is arrested by the police. Carter offers financial help to Dr. McNulty and his street clinic.

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