Sous-titres Urgences, Saison 9 - Episode 11

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A Little Help from My Friends
44 min


It's a busy day in the ER. Dr. Pratt is stopped by hospital security when they find a pistol in his shoulder bag. He claims to have found it in the ambulance bay. Kerry Weaver's pregnancy is not going well as she develops medical complications. In the aftermath of a young patient's near death, Dr. Kovac has to present the case to staff. Susan Lewis treats a disturbed man who admits that he is a pedophile and is unable to control his urges. Dr. Chen has to treat a high school mathlete who has taken drugs. Dr. Kayson and Gallant treat a 93 year old man who has suffered a heart attack but whose only interest seems to be to have sex with his young wife. Carter treats Dr. James McNulty who runs a walk-in clinic and was injured when someone broke in to steal drugs. Pratt again has to leave the hospital when his friend Leon gets into trouble.

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