Sous-titres Urgences, Saison 10 - Episode 3

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Dear Abby
English, Mandarin
44 min


Luka Kovac arrives safely at County General and is hospitalized for treatment. His friend Gillian delivers John Carter's letter to Abby. Pretty well everyone gets to read it when Frank retrieves it and from the garbage and passes it around. Greg Pratt has dinner with Chen and her parents. The dinner goes well but they have a serious argument afterward. Dr. Romano is unhappy with his prosthetic arm which makes him even more difficult to deal with. Some of the more senior nurses find their hours being reduced as a cost saving measure and stage a walkout. Romano's response is to fire them all. Dr. Lewis treats a teenager with a serious heart problem but her parents insist that she not be told immediately. A new group of second year residents arrive.

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