Sous-titres Urgences, Saison 10 - Episode 1

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Now What?
44 min


On his return to Chicago, Carter gets a downright chilly reaction from Abby who asks him to return her apartment key. At work, they tip toe around one another, neither really willing to discuss their feelings. A new med student, Neela Rasgotra arrives for her ER rotation. Dr. Pratt is paying too much attention to her for Dr. Chen's taste. A woman passes out at the wheel of her car severely injuring herself and the three children in the car with her. Neela makes a good call in the case. Carter treats a man whose HIV has become full-blown AIDS. The ER itself is a bit chaotic due to major reconstruction. The ER desk receives a call from Africa saying that Luka Kovac has been killed. Carter decides to return to the Congo to retrieve his body.

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