Sous-titres Urgences, Saison 10 - Episode 16

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Forgive and Forget
44 min


Dr Morris agitates a patient who then leaves, steals a tank, and rampages through Chicago on his way to County General. He makes it all the way to the ambulance bay before the CPD finally stops him. Sam tries to figure out her relationship with Kovac while Gillian shows up at the ER to cement plans for dinner with Carter, Kem & Kovac - making things that much more difficult. Neela confronts Frank about his arrogant bigotry, bluntly telling him she wants nothing from him but silence from this point forward. During the initial onrush of patients due to the tank rampage, Frank has a heart-attack, which is thankfully caught. Frank's wife & daughter show up and are rushed up to the cath-lab where Dr. Pratt is helping Dr. Kayson keep Frank alive. In the end, Neela winds up in the family room with Frank's family listening to them describe a side of Frank that no one has ever seen. Meanwhile Kovac treats a 13 year old with Chlamydia and counsels him to contact his sexual partner - which turns out to be quite a few teenage girls.

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