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Status Quo
44 min


Dr. Pratt applies for the job of ER Chief and gets turned down. This causes him to give 2 weeks notice. A female soldier, home 2 weeks from Iraq is 2 months pregnant and her husband demands an explanation. Neela's cousin has arrived from London for an extended visit and gets pursued by both Dr. Morris and Harold Zelinsky, much to Harold's chagrin. After 9 years absence, a fall in gym by her son brings Jeanie Boulet back to the ER. Not only is she troubled because of her son, but the disorientation of knowing virtually no one on the current staff does not help. ***spoilers*** Having lived with HIV all of these years, it turns out her adopted son, also HIV positive, has a head tumor and AIDS . Dr Pratt pursues the possibility of going to another hospital where he might get more respect from management. The female soldier, it turns out, is pregnant by being raped by her sergeant in Iraq and has to decide whether to keep the baby.

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