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Age of Innocence
44 min


A woman who broke her leg while trying to escape a house fire is brought in with her husband. The husband, Mr. Lotery did not let the paramedics to check him over. Then his brother-in-law arrives, saying that he predicted that something like the house fire would happen - it was actually an arson. Mr. Lotery's brother-in-law becomes aggressive and accuses him of being a pervert, specifically a pedophile. Mr. Lotery denies the accusations. He was sued but found not guilty. When Mr. Lotery is waiting for his wife who's in line for X-ray, he has the chance to calm down a young girl who is afraid of needles. When his brother-in-law sees this, he brutally assaults him, while Dr. Brenner calmly watches nearby... Meanwhile, Neela gets sued for malpractice.

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