Sous-titres Inside No. 9, Saison 1 - Episode 1

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30 min


Rebecca and Jeremy are having their engagement party at their father Andrew's large country house where, as children Rebecca and her brother Carl, played sardines, hiding in a huge wardrobe. The company revive the game with Rebecca finding Jeremy's nerdy work colleague Ian the first in the cupboard. They are joined by the uptight Carl and his saucy boyfriend Stu, Jeremy's ex-girlfriend Rachel with toy boy Lee and ex-nanny Geraldine, now deluded and believing she is a guest, not a hired hand. Married guests Mark and Elizabeth go for sex on the bed before being surprised and beckoned into the wardrobe though everybody is reluctant to admit 'stinky' John for obvious reasons. Andrew then joins the group and Geraldine reminds him of a shameful family secret from years ago when he was alleged to have wronged a young boy. There is only one sardine left to enter the wardrobe. Is there perhaps a link with this incident the family hoped was forgotten?

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