Sous-titres Mr. Selfridge, Saison 3 - Episode 2

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Episode #3.2
45 min


Harry agrees to support Nancy Webb and asks Mr Crabb to organize funds to finance her project but Mr Crabb is unable to comply, telling Harry that there is no money. Nor is Serge happy to find Harry has blocked his plan for an aerodrome and Harry is irate to learn that his son-in-law's new business associate is Lord Loxley. Thackeray goes head to head with Harry over the handling of an exhibition by French couturier Madame Lanvin and is sacked for his pains but Henri and Agnes come to the rescue,as, rather unexpectedly, does Harry's daughter Rosalie, who demonstrates a considerable fashion flair. Victor continues to face problems with his club, where, Henri, haunted by memories of the war, is a regular patron, whilst Josie Mardle and Doris Grove become friends as Grove persuades Josie to return to work at the store.

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Mr Selfridge S03E02 x264