The Magnificent Seven

When an Indian village is threatened by ex-Confederate soldiers, several villagers head out to seek help. They recruit seven men, each with unique skills, who return to the village and take on the raiders. Following this, the men take up residence in a small town, making their skills available to those in need.



Movie time

60 min

Directed by



Michael Biehn, Eric Close, Dale Midkiff, Ron Perlman



01E01 - One Day Out West

A judge, who happens to be Mary's Father-in-Law, arrives in town and immediately sets out to bring law & order with him. Meanwhile the seven are contemplating their futures and whether or not they should go their own ways. The son of a cattle baron is in jail and the judge is determined that he will stand trial for murder. When he escapes custody the seven must decide where their loyalties lie...with the judge and the town or their needs to keep moving on.

Date: 10 Jan 1998
IMDB id: tt0639600
IMDB rating: 7.9
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